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I read YA, historical romance and some contemporary romance. I'm a mom to an 18 yo college freshman and 15 yo high school freshman. I'm a teacher who's working on a masters degree in special education, a wife an 9 yr breast cancer survivor. I read to escape real life stress.

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Baby Bombshell (Harlequin American Romance) - Lisa Ruff This was another good afternoon escape read. The attraction between thevlead chacters was present from the very beginning but both fought it for all they were worth. Evan has been crazy about Anna since she was sixteen, but fought it because she was underage, his best friends sister and since he was like a part of the Bernazi family, she was almost like a sister to him. After a one night stand things turn on their head when Anna finds herself pregnant three weeks later. Afraid of disappointing Anna's parents because they been like parents to him for years, Evan begs Anna to give him time before revealing to her parents that he is her baby daddy. A botched proposal reveals all and coukd be the end of things between Anna and Evan. I wanted to root for Evan the whole time, even when he was being an insensitive idiot and Anna made me hurt for her too.