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I read YA, historical romance and some contemporary romance. I'm a mom to an 18 yo college freshman and 15 yo high school freshman. I'm a teacher who's working on a masters degree in special education, a wife an 9 yr breast cancer survivor. I read to escape real life stress.

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The Wedding Gamble - Cindi Myers I SO loved this book! I saw it rec'd by The Fictionators and after reading the summary decided I had to read it. Laura changed from a meek, mid preschool teacher that everyone took advantage of to a tough yet tender kick ass woman who was David's match in every way. David changed too, from a hard hearted undercover FBI agent that didn't believe in love to a man who would do anything to keep the woman he loved safe. I also liked the secondary characters, Rachel, Laura's sister, who was the reason Laura was in Vegas in the first place, was someone I really did not like in the beginning because of how she treated Laura. However, Rachel redeemed herself when she went toe-to-toe with David. Tommy, whom I thought was just another spoiled son of a mob boss who only cared about self-preservation, surprised me when he risked his life to help David and Laura. The only down side to this book was that I wanted more. While the ending tied everything up nicely, I found myself wanting to follow David and Laura as they embarked on the next phase of their lives together.