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I read YA, historical romance and some contemporary romance. I'm a mom to an 18 yo college freshman and 15 yo high school freshman. I'm a teacher who's working on a masters degree in special education, a wife an 9 yr breast cancer survivor. I read to escape real life stress.

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Aftershock (Harlequin Temptation, No. 845)(Heat)

Aftershock - Jill Shalvis This was a pretty good book, Dax and Amber met in a very unconventional way, the result of which was a quick round of hot sex because they thought they were going to die, they did not. A year later they run into each other at the hospital and he finds out they have a 'souvenir' from their near death experience, a 3 month girl named Taylor. Amber fights Dax about being together because of trust issues her father caused. In the end she realizes she loves Dax just as he loves her. The thing I found a bit frustrating was Amber s refusal to believe Dax even though he had never mislead her.