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I read YA, historical romance and some contemporary romance. I'm a mom to an 18 yo college freshman and 15 yo high school freshman. I'm a teacher who's working on a masters degree in special education, a wife an 9 yr breast cancer survivor. I read to escape real life stress.

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Intentions of the Earl (Scandalous Sisters #1)

Intentions of the Earl (Scandalous Sisters #1) - Rose Gordon Another wondervul book by Rose Gordon. I read the husband series a few months back and really enjoyed them. The Sisters series is proving to be just as good. Andrew is a broke Earl who is tricked into ruining Brooke's reputation in order to get the deed back to a property he wants to give to his mother. After making the deal and getting to know her he has second thoughts because he has begun to develop feelings for her. When he tries to back out of the deal, the dastardly Gateway threatens to get someone else to do the job. Fearing more harm will befall Brooke than just being caught alone with a man as he plans to be themeans of ruining her, Andrew goes forward with the deal. In the end secrets are revealed and true live is discovered and amarriage is saved.